Replacing the cable on your Conquer Rower is very simple, you will only need a 13mm wrench and a Phillips head screwdriver with a  shaft at least 3 and a half inches to complete the process.

The first step will be to remove the plastic casing from the machine. There are screws around the perimeter of the case that need to be removed with your Phillip's head screwdriver.

Once the case has been removed you'll have access to the internals of the machine and you'll immediately be able to see your old cable.

Before you touch the cable, make sure all tension has been released from the machine, the handle and its strap should be as far back into the rower as possible.

Once you're sure there is no tension, take your 13mm wrench and look near the front of the machine, about there the seat ends. You'll see one 13mm nut on top of a plastic housing with the cable going into it. To release the cable simple remove the nut and unthread the cable from the machine. You'll need to pull it out of the side of the flywheel on the right hand side of the rower.

Once your old cable is removed simply re-thread your new one. Start by putting it through the side of the flywheel where you just pulled the old cable out. Once you've got it started you'll want it to heading toward the front of the rower on the bottom of the flywheel, it will then go over the top of the topmost roller in the front, under that same roller, all the way to the back of the rower, over and under that roller, then back to the front of the rower, over the bottom-most roller, under that roller and then back into the cable stop with the 13mm nut.

You can use the diagram below to see the routing of the cable a little bit better.