See the attached for a PDF document with detailed instructions on how to assemble the 6 in 1 Inversion Table / Power Tower.

NOTE: Step 6 in the manual refers to a hex bolt(C8), flat washer (C6) and lock nut (D5), these three items are combined in the blister pack of tools and hardware in "part" numbered A4.



  • If you have never used an inversion table, use the help of a partner to help ensure you are able to achieve the right balance, and that you can return to the upright position unassisted.
  • Adjust to your height, and then adjust the leg/ankle holds so your ankles are secure. Always use the provided safety strap. 
  • Start inverting at a modest angle (15˚-30˚ past horizontal to the floor) for the first few times you invert or until you become perfectly comfortable with inversion table operation.
  • Make changes gradually when increasing inversion angle and duration of inversion.
  • You should eventually have complete control over the rotation of the table just by shifting the weight and position of your arms.