The Vilano Journey and Vilano Navigator SUP boards come with the Vilano SUP manual enclosed inside. The most up to date version of this manual is attached below, and there is a fun, single page illustrative poster attached too.

Quick tips:

  • To insert fin: The fin box (where fin is to be inserted) may contain a plastic protector. Slide the protector out and discard, then proceed and slide the fin into place. Use fin clamp pin to secure.
  • To inflate board, be sure the inflator pin in the valve is in the OUT ("inflate") position. Once board is inflated to the proper 15 PSI, be sure to screw on the inflation valve cover.
  • To deflate board, push the inflator pin until it locks (IN or "deflate" position). Never use valve wrench to deflate.
    You may need to periodically use the enclosed valve wrench to tighten the valve.
  • Use PVC glue and PVC material to patch the board, if necessary. Repair kits can be easily purchased on line, at marine supply, or big box stores.
  • Do not use the SUP board in a pool.
  • **Reminder: Do not leave board in direct sunlight or heat in excess of 90 degrees when it is fully inflated, as the air will expand and the board can burst.