Urbana frame clamp information:

The clamp on the Urbana may arrive with a bit too much tension, making it difficult to close the latch.  If you're having any difficulty with your latch please just follow the instructions below.


Open clamp

Open clamp with adjustable wrench

In the picture with the wrench attached, follow the direction of the arrow to make minor adjustments to loosen the shaft. **Please note** this is a fine tuning process and it will not need to be majorly loosened. Be sure the clamp is not too loose that it causing the latch to open while riding. The clamp should need some force applied to close it fully, this will ensure your safety.  Once closed it should look like this:

Be sure to bring your bike to a bike shop once it is assembled for a final safety check, or, if you are not comfortable assembling it yourself, bring it to a shop for assembly and tuning.